Hauer Enterprises is the outlet of Marcus Hauer, a designer from Berlin.
He designs digital products and companies.

With one of his projects he is exploring the world of wine with Plain. You can also follow his wine adventures @hauerwine.

Of Note
  1. Marcus was a director at the design company IDEO. He was also the founder of the award winning design firm Schoenerwissen/OfCD.

  2. He has worked for big companies like Amazon, Audi, BBVA, Cisco, Michelin, Microsoft, Nokia, Telekom.

  3. He has also worked with several startups like Babbel, Blinkist, Campus, HackFwd, PrimeSense (aquired by Apple) and YES®.

  4. He is listed on two interaction design patents. Ironically one owned by Apple and one by Microsoft.